Educational Data &

Evidence-informed Practice


About the TEDEP Project

Data, data everywhere! Australian teachers and school leaders are increasingly faced with a proliferation of educational data and an ever-growing expectation that they will engage with it and use it. At the same time teachers are increasingly expected to engage in ‘evidence-based practice’, incorporating engagement with educational research, and to collect and produce evidence of their practice.

The Teachers, Educational Data and Evidence-informed Practice (TEDEP) project focuses on Australian teachers’ use of educational research, data generated both within and beyond their schools, and the enactment of authentic evidence-informed practice. The project is funded by the University of Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellowships program, and is led by Associate Professor Nicole Mockler, of the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Dr Meghan Stacey is the project’s Research Associate. The project has been approved by the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (No. 2018/118).

Project Phase One

Phase one of the project involved interviews with 21 primary and secondary teachers located in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia, held in mid-2018. The purpose of this phase of the project was to inform the development of a tailored questionnaire designed to gather perspectives from a broad range of primary and secondary school teachers across Australia. 

Project Phase Two

Phase two of the project involved an anonymous online survey where 524 Australian school teachers told us what they thought about educational data, evidence of practice, and how they use educational research to inform their work.

Read the Participant Information Statement for phase two of the project HERE.

Project Phase Three

In this phase of the project, to be undertaken in 2019,  researchers will work with teachers to develop, trial and evaluate a range of professional learning and development resources and tools informed by phase one and two findings, and designed to help teachers navigate the use of data, research and evidence in their practice. The resources will be made freely available for individual teachers and schools to use, via the project website.