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I am an educator and educational researcher working in the areas of education policy, teacher professional identity and learning, curriculum and pedagogy.  I have worked in education for the past 25 years, as a classroom teacher, school leader and education consultant in Government and Non-government sectors, and more recently as a university-based teacher educator and educational researcher. 

My research and writing are in the areas of professional identity, professional learning, curriculum and pedagogy, and education policy.  I hold a Bachelor of Education with Honours in Ancient History, a Master of Arts in Women’s Studies  and a PhD in Education, all from the University of Sydney. I also hold a Master of Science in Applied Statistics from Swinburne University of Technology and a Graduate Certificate in the Practice of Tertiary Teaching, from the University of Newcastle.

I have co-authored and edited 14 books since 2003, including Questioning the Language of Reform and Improvement in Education: Reclaiming Meaning (Mockler & Groundwater-Smith, 2018), Education, Change and Society (Welch, Connell, Mockler et. al., 2017), Student Voice: Beyond Legitimation and Guardianship (Mockler & Groundwater-Smith, 2015), Teacher Professional Learning in an Age of Compliance: Mind the Gap (Groundwater-Smith & Mockler, 2009), and the Australian Curriculum: Classroom Approaches series (Mockler & Talbot, Talbot & Mockler, 2012-2013).  

I am an Associate Professor of Education at the University of Sydney, where I teach and research in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work.  In 2018/19 I held a University of Sydney SOAR Fellowship, and in 2019 also held Visiting Fellowships with the Department of Education and Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford. I will return to Harris Manchester College in 2020 as a Visiting Fellow. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Australian Educational Researcher, and have previously been the Communications Co-ordinator for the Australian Association for Research in Education (2012-16), Series Editor of the book series Local/Global Issues in Education (2013-2016), and Associate Editor of the scholarly journals Critical Studies in Education (2014-2016) and Teaching and Teacher Education (2015-2016).

e         nicole@nicolemockler.com

t         (02) 8011 4830

m        PO Box 337 Rozelle NSW 2039