Nicole Mockler’s Website



I am an Associate Professor in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Australia.  In the past, I have worked as a classroom teacher, school leader and education consultant in Government and Non-government sectors.  My research interests are in teacher professional learning, curriculum and pedagogy. 

This website is maintained as a resource for my students and other teachers with whom I work.  It contains a range of resources for teachers and student teachers, a collection of my academic papers and professional learning presentations, and a collection of opinion pieces and media articles I’ve written or contributed to. 


Some Favourite Links

Seymour Papert’s Website: Readings etc from the original source of a lot of what we know about good learning

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development: An excellent resource library for teachers

Gary Stager’s website: An educator with great insight into learning technologies and how to use them

The Australian Association for Research in Education: Access thousands of papers on every aspect of education

EduResearch Matters: The AARE Blog, on issues of contemporary significance to Australian education

Access links to my academic papers and other works and notes/slides from recent professional learning/conference workshops HERE.publications.html

Five Great Reads for Teachers

  1. John Dewey: My Pedagogic Creed

  2. What did Dewey really believe about education, learning and the transformation of society?

  3. Papert on Piaget                                   

  4. What insight does Piaget offer us into the way children learning and what that means for our teaching?

  5. New Learning: A Charter for Australian Education 

  6. Over 15 years on and not there yet! In this report from 2001 the Deans of Education set forth their vision for Australian Education

  7. Wiggins & McTighe: Understanding by Design

  8. A framework for rethinking curriculum design at school level.  What does it really mean to teach for understanding?

  9. Black & Wiliam: Inside the Black Box

  10. One of the most important and influential articles of the past 20 years on assessment for learning.